How to Become a Volunteer in Healthcare

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Question: Please advise, who could join as a volunteer, what are the requirements? How can I find out which hospital has openings for a volunteer opportunity? What about language skills, can I volunteer while I am still learning English?

Short Answer:

  • Qualifications and Requirements. Only those that qualify can become a volunteer. You will need to pass a background check, drug test, personal interviews, etc. Please read the details
  • Volunteering openings. The only way to find out is to call the Volunteering Services and speak with the aVolunteer Coordinator/Manager to find out what type of openings are available. A typical hospital may have up to 200-300 volunteer positions, during holiday and summertime there could be quite a few openings.
  • Poor English skills. It is not a show-stopper. However, you must be able to pass an interview process. So minimal English skills might be required.

Extended Answer:

How to Get Started Volunteering in Healthcare 

  • Set a goal
    1. Figure out why you want to volunteer
    2. How much time can you dedicate?
    3. Which skills do you need to learn to get a job
  • Complete On-line form
    1. Use Google Maps to find the top three largest facilities near your home
    2. Complete online New Volunteer Application Form
    3. Download Volunteer Handbook if it available, read it

Actions to take to Complete Volunteer Application Process

  • Complete Application Process
    1. Arrange for reference letters
    2. Meet for face to face with the Manager of Volunteer Services
    3. Pass medical tests: drug screen, tuberculosis test
    4. Pass Background check
    5. Meet Immunization requirements
    6. Provide an annual physical form
  • Get Trained and On-Boarded
    1. Get a placement
    2. Review, discuss and sign
      • Volunteer Agreement
      • Code of Conduct Agreement
      • Confidentiality Agreement
      • Job Position Description
    3. Buy volunteer uniform
    4. Obtain photo ID Badge, computer access
    5. Attend volunteer orientation
    6. Study Safety Orientation Handbook & pass Safety test
    7. Complete on-the-job training
    8. Communicate any upcoming vacations, agree on the schedule
    9. Learn how to report your volunteer hours

Samples of Volunteering Tasks in Healthcare:

  • transport patients
  • clerical duties
  • give directions or escort visitors
  • cashier
  • inventory
  • answer telephone
  • deliver flowers
  • socialize with patients and visitors
  • change linens
  • restock closets
  • cleaning

Credit: Johnson Memorial Health

Good luck in your career endeavors and remember, to act to apply your new knowledge

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