40 things I love about my Ukrainian wife, letter from American husband

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My spouse is a man of a few words, so when three weeks ago I received this email, I was truly touched.

I met Paul 19 years ago, and we fell hard for each other. We are married for almost 18 years now, and we still love each other. Paul makes me melt, like a piece of chocolate under your tongue. This letter helped me to realize the depth of our relationships and the closeness between us.

So, what do I love about my Ukrainian wife?

Many good things.

  1. You left Ukraine for me.
  2. You think outside of the lines
  3. You make me sometimes laugh, even though you don’t joke around too much
  4. You grow more beautiful each day
  5. You are not about the drama
  6. You are a hard worker, regardless of what it is
  7. I like it that you like to take road trips
  8. I’ve become more direct with people since meeting you
  9. I appreciate you take care of me when I am sick
  10. I love to look at you when you are sleeping, you look content and at peace
  11. I love that you cook good healthy meals for the family even though its difficult with several picky eaters
  12. I love your fashion sense. You can make a couple of pieces of clothes look good. I should run my choices past you instead of gripping!
  13. I appreciate you have stuck with me this long, being my friend
  14. I appreciate you have witnessed my bad habits and are not grossed out too much
  15. I love that you scratch my back or run your fingers through my hair sometimes
  16. I appreciate you taking pictures of our family or life as I hardly ever take any
  17. I enjoy you are writing and taking up blogging, expressing your feeling and thoughts, helping others
  18. I really appreciate you have been taking care of Alexander all this time even though I know its hard and you would enjoy doing something else
  19. I love your green eyes
  20. I like it when we stay up together and just watch TV. It’s hard for me to stay up late while you have been gone
  21. I do appreciate it that I don’t have to read your mind
  22. You are confident
  23. I love the fact you have integrity
  24. Most often, I love that I don’t have to worry, you make good choices when you go out
  25. I do like it you are good with details
  26. I enjoy you learn and are good at what you even when its brand new
  27. I love when you sing you have a beautiful voice
  28. I love you keep trying even when its hard
  29. I love that people migrate to you and want to speak with you because you are interesting and communicate well
  30. You can walk down the street and turn heads, yes I do like it
  31. I like to hold you at night, it makes me calm, and my body relaxes, my mind is calm. I guess that’s why I fall asleep
  32. You do give a lot
  33. I’ve learned a lot from you
  34. I’ve also seen you grow so much!
  35. You make wonderful things out of nothing
  36. I rely on your intuition
  37. You do often impress me
  38. You are talented!
  39. You are an awesome mom
  40. I can face anything when you are around

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