Why i do not post in Russian anymore

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First, i want to say huge thank you for being my subscriber. We have 433 subscribers to date and i love that you guys are readying the posts. My goal, as before to inspire you to design and have the courage to live the life you desire, here in U.S.

Second, i do realize a lot of you would prefer to read and learn in Russian. I get it, i do understand. Russian and Ukrainian languages are my most favorite as well. That said, i want you to consider two things.

One, i actually never wrote in Russian. I had a translator, who i had to send my English posts, and pay her. That would take 2-4 days, and only then i could post a Russian version of the post. This is actually one of the reasons i stopped writing, is because the translation became a hassle. Sorry, it did.

Second, i think in English and i love writing in English. From 18 years of my experience in U.S i can state that…

Your English language skills will define you in U.S.

Your ability to speak, write, and understand English will define your salary, your relationships, your opportunities, and your overall lifestyle. I am confident, you can only thrive in U.S. when you fluent in English.

That said, I want to help you to develop your English skills, so continue reading our blogs, there are more awesome topics coming up shortly.

I am excited about the opportunity to write and publish my posts weekly. If you are interested in any particular topic, please feel free to us Contact Me form to ask your questions or request topics you have interest in. I Would be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you again, for being my reader and your patience with the transition to English only posts 🙂

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