Six ways road trips will boost your happiness

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Are you sick and tired of being stuck in the house? Do you feel like your life is on hold? Do you feel drained and unmotivated due to uncertainty? Then the post is for you!

Let me confess that i am huge fan of road trips. In fact, in the last 12 months I took eight road trips! I had a lot of adventures, I visited some of the most incredible sites, I hiked some of the most crazy trails, met amazing people, discovered my true self, and yes, made many mistakes and learned many lessons. In the following couple of posts, I will share my tips and tricks about the experience, so you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity presented by the pandemic to see the world.

Next, let’s talk about the amazing benefits of road trips and how they will boost your happiness.

1.     Practicing self-care

Constant stress by the pressure of new rules, social distancing, working remotely, social isolation takes a tall on our psychic. When you on the road, the time provides a much-needed opportunity to practice self-care. You may find time for a  soothing bath, quiet sunset watching, reading a book, taking a nap, watching your favorite show without interruption, writing, or any other activity that gives you energy and recharges your battery.

2.     Traveling on a budget

According to the data I collected in the last 12 months, road trips are 2.5-3 times less expensive than any other type of domestic or international travel involving flying. We will dive deeper in where the savings come from and how to maximize every dollar in subsequent posts. What is important is you are out of the house and seeing the world on a budget, you are expanding your horizons, overcoming your fears, and having fun, while saving tones of money.

3.     Unplugging and connecting with you

It is no secret that many of us were forced to move to a remote work environment, where 24/7 connectivity. and never-ending Zoom meetings became a norm. When you on a road, your connection can be limited, depending on where you are headed. The quite moment without text messages, social media updates, and news feed posts will create a much-needed headspace to understand your own needs and connect with yourself.

4.     Losing weight

While site seeing, hiking, walking and moving about, you will find that the pounds of a sedentary lifestyle will gradually melt away. You will feel more fit, stronger, and your mood will become more positive. I personally did not have weight loss as a goal, but it came as an extra bonus when I started spending more time outdoors and moving.

5.     Connecting with new people and nature

We are wired to be wild, to explore places, to see new things, and meet new people. When we stay indoors, our body and mind suffer, and we become anxious, plagued by fears, and uncertain about ourselves and about life. Being out in nature and forming new connections is very healing and reassuring to our minds. I recall standing on a trail while hugging this huge tree. I imagined how to tree`s roots connect to the earth and how my body, leaning against the tree, is charged by the energy. Forests, lakes, deserts, canyons, and many other natural wonders have a profound therapeutic effect on our minds.

6.     Reflecting and building gratitude muscle

One of the most miraculous things that will happen during your trip is you will become more mindful. The open space, the time you give yourself, it will pay off tenfold. The time to reflect will give you a window into your own soul, help you to find peace of mind, and yes, develop a deeper appreciation for all the things, experiences, and amazing people in your life. You will come back rejuvenated, full of new ideas, and ready to charge forward.

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