3 reasons to have a money talk with your partner

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I always knew, my parents loved each other, that said, they could not be more different when it comes to managing family finances. My dad loved outdoors and wanted to buy more fishing and camping gear. My mom on the other hand was always concerned about groceries, clothes, and other necessities. They disagreed a lot, and as a kid I recall those moments as stressful.

The post will dive into three reasons you want to get aligned with your girlfriend, partner, or a spouse on the sticky subject of money and have that unpleasant conversation you are being putting off for quit some time.

Reason # 1: Money habits can make or a break your relationships

According to Today`s publication“ Why couples get divorced?” the number two reason is money troubles. Do you wish for a long-term marital bliss and happy relationships? Times and times again, in many couples I knew and in my own family I witnessed the devastating effects of lacking alignment as it comes to money and finances. One o the reasons is money is one of the most emotional, charged, and subconscious topics you can touch. The thing goes deep into personal safety and values, and those things, as we all know are nearly impossible to change.

Reason #2: Money secrets can ruin your family`s future

Do you have a secret account or two? Do you or your spouse have separate accounts that you don’t feel the need to talk about? Do you have IRS debt? Do you have unpaid child alimony or any other, what I call “Financial Death” topics that you are too ashamed to discuss? Be rest assured every one of us have money topics that make us feel icky in our stomachs. Not discussing your college debt, your shopping sprees addition, or worst yet, your collector calls from your credit cards will not make your relationships stronger.

Reason #3: Common money goals reduce stress

Money conversation as uncomfortable and unpleasant as it can be, can also be live changing. Having clarity on where you two are headed and what you want with your money can illuminate the path ahead, reduce stress, and make you stronger as a couple. It also can drive some decision about discontinuing relationships and moving on to a greener pasture, with a person who has less money challenges. One thing I know for sure, aligning on where we are going as a couple, brought a piece and happiness to my family.


money conversation can be very awkward and yes, it can go bad, if you are not prepared or you feel vulnerable about the topic already. How to get started? Check our Dave Ramsey video: How to talk to my wife about money?.

Regardless how to will breach the topic, my personal advice when it comes to money, try to have an easy conversation first, figuring out what your loved one thinks about the topic in general. Avoid accusing, getting personal, criticizing, and freaking out during your talk. Stay calm, listen, and learn. What type of questions to ask? Here are some ideas:

  • Honey, in my family my dad was the go-to guy for money questions, What about your family?
  • What was it like growing up in your home when you were little?
  • When you first time to recall hearing money topic in your family?
  • Were the conversations positive or negative?
  • Would you consider your original family wealthy or poor and why?

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