Top 10 Dating Websites to Marry an American

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Question: I want to marry an American. Which marriage agencies are good? I dream to immigrate to America for the past 20 years, but my attempts to meet and connect with Americans failed.


Top Five Rated American Dating Websites

  1. OK Cupid
  2. eHarmony
  3. Elite Singles
  4. Match
  5. Christian Mingle

Top Five Russian Bride Dating Websites

  1. Russian Cupid
  2. Elena`s Models
  5. E Darling

The Truth about Online Dating to Marry American

  • True Cost of Online Dating:
    • Online dating can get long and expensive, don`t run out of money
    • Dating site memberships (25-$100 monthly)
    • Hire an English tutor, schedule at least two lessons a week ($50-100 monthly)
    • Make professional pictures, update bi-monthly ($50-150 per session)
    • Secure a reliable wi-fi connection, $20-70 monthly
    • Purchase a laptop with a good camera, $200-500
    • Save for traveling and visa costs, $500-1000
    • Update your wardrobe, $200-500
  • Have the Skills
    • You must speak, read, comprehend, write, and type English well
    • You will need great computer skills
    • You will need to learn to be curious and be a master of asking questions
    • Get good at building relationships online and be authentic
    • Allocate time to respond to letters, texts daily (1-4 hours)
    • Patience, a lot of it. The quest may take a while.
  • Know Yourself –  Create Your Online Profile
    • Be honest about your intentions, age, status, etc
    • Post great profile pictures (no nudes)
    • Have realistic expectations and know American culture
  • Know Your man
    • Know what you want and ask for it
    • Income level, age, overall health, weight
    • Marital status, kids from a prior marriage
    • Occupation and city he lives in
  • Build Online Relationships
    • Be ready to say no, nicely and firmly. Hundreds of “”
    • Be patient, flexible and persistent in your search
    • Know what you want, communicate directly
    • Have a life; this will take a while before you will find the one


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