Top 12 College Myths Debunked

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Are you sick and tired of low paying jobs, long hours, and weird work schedules? Do you feel under-utilized, bored and underemployed? Do you seek your purpose and want to learn new things? Great. You are a prime candidate for becoming a student in America.

The post will review and debunk the 15 most common excuses I hear about attending college in America.


Why do I need a degree? I can make a good living without a degree

The answer to the question depends on what you call a “good living.” I would say if you want to earn more than $60,000 per year salary, your employers will expect a Bachelor’s degree listed in your job application. There are, of course, exceptions if you are male, for example, and willing to work on oil rigs. Oil workers with a high school education can earn as much as up to $90-110K per year.


I already have a degree from an Eastern European University

American employers like candidates with a degree. That said, when your degree is earned in another state, they may not blink an eye since program graduation requirements, for example, for a Bachelor in Marketing would be likely very similar from state to state. Now, if your diploma was issued in another country, and if you have very few years of experience your employer may not accept your degree as equivalent to the American diploma.


I don’t have the time to do it now

Let’s be honest here. There is never a good time to start studying. The truth is, every minute you invest in your education and career development will pay you back two-fold. There are many options for working adults, such as flexible schedule, on-line learning and evening courses offered by most colleges. The excellent news is the fact that in most colleges ( with few exceptions), you are able to select to take as many classes as you wish, can afford and have time for.

Here is the truth. The time will pass anyway. You will get older, and let’s face it, less motivated over time. It is easier to start your education exactly where you are today and build on it as you go.


I will not be able to get a job after I graduate

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment report, college graduates are twice less likely to be jobless then high school graduates.


I am too old, and I don’t remember anything from school

This one is tough, and I also experience the fear of failing college since it has been so long since I took any classes. I recall how hard it was first few semesters to get back in the swing of things. I will be honest with you, I struggled, and it was embracing and terrifying, but I pushed through it and did not quit. I went to school (Bachelor and Masters’s degree) for 9 years, and yes, it got more comfortable and more comfortable with each class. Your brain is fantastic and you will recall how to learn and get good at it quickly.


I am not sure about my major

Picking the right major is another real concern. The excellent news is the majority of colleges employ a small army of academic advisors and career counselors whose only job is to help you figure out what type of degree should you get and what kinds of jobs you will be able to land afterward. They are there to help for free. Use them!


It is too expensive (I don’t have the money)

College does cost money, and the excellent news is the fact that you are not expected to pay cash for all your classes. There are a few financing options available, such as student loans, scholarships and grants and other avenues that will help you to save thousands on education.


I have a baby, divorced, single mom, unemployed…

Sometimes we have the idea that “traditional” students should be of special marital status, age or gender. Most of the ideas come from our cultural and familial backgrounds. Anyone can get any degree at any time. That is a fact. Regardless of your individual circumstances, you can start an educational journey today! I started my first class at the community college when my oldest daughter was 2.5 months old. I only was able to take one class, but very soon, she got older, and I got braver. One course turned into three sessions, and eventually, it turned into a full degree!


I need to get in into top school

I hear this a lot. Here is a scoop, unless you plan to become a very famous neuro surgent, a stockbroker on Wall Street, or a CEO, it is entirely ok to attend and get a degree from the state-accredited school. I worried that my locally issued degree not going to hold any weight, but all the employers loved it, and it helped my career tremendously.


My spouse will not support me

This is a tough one. Your family comes first. Convincing your loved ones to support your college aspiration take some time, patience, and effort and it is worth every minute of it. Have an honest conversation, share your college dream, listen to your spouse`s fears, objections and roadblocks. He/she is on your side and eventually will see value in your education.


My English is too bad, and I will not be able to make it

Okay, I hear you. when you just arrived in America and just trying to figure things out, it can be tough to imagine how you will study and success in college. The reality is, the college will exponentially speed up your learning of English skills. Yes, it might be a little hard at first, but you will learn quickly.

How much money will I make with this degree?

Very fair and excellent question. The answer is – it depends. It depends on the college you want to attend, the degree itself and many other factors. You maybe making as little as $60,000 dollars with some degree or even less. with accounting, finance, and IT degrees you may start at a much higher rate. The bottom line is this – if you choose to invest in your development. Every single dollar you spend on your education will pay back twice.



I hope the post helped you with some common college myths.

I personally went to school in U.S. because I got tired of low-paying, boring jobs, bad bosses, and a terrible work schedule. I started school in 2005 and graduated in 2008 with my Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business (Finance). Less than 2 years after I applied and was accepted into another school where I earned my Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) and graduated in 2016. While in school I had three kids, explored a few careers and met some of the most amazing people. Going to school in U.S. transformed me as a professional and as a person. I only wish that you are able to experience the same level of change by investing the time, the resources and the effort it takes to get a degree. You are worth it!

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