How an American college degree can change your life

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Are you considering going back to school but unsure if the cost worth the payout? I get it! This post if for you. Today, we will discuss how an American college degree changes your life for the better.


Enhance your career opportunities

Research shows, an American college degree makes you more employable, reduces your risk of unemployment during market downturns and opens new doors that will advance your career.

An American college degree will allow you to have a more fulfilling career, in many sectors that prefer associate or bachelor level accreditations, such as Healthcare, Finance, and Technology.  You will get access to the jobs that are not available for high-school graduates or those who hold foreign degrees.

Lastly, despite common belief, your college major makes little impact on the type of work that will be available to you. For example, I worked in logistics with a Finance degree. In reality, what matters the most to your employer is that you hold a U.S. college degree from an accredited university.


Advance your English skills

As we discussed prior, your ability to communicate in English will have the most impact on your income. One of the most overlooked benefits of a college degree in America is the opportunity to grow your English writing, speaking, and comprehension skills very quickly.

For example, when I started to attend community college in the U.S. in 2005 my English was terrible, and I really struggled to be understood by everyone but my spouse. That held me back since I could not pass job interviews. Guess what, after just 9 months in college my English improved so much that I was able to secure a management job in the same retail store that would not hire me for a retail associate position two years before!


Boost your earning potential

Yes, of course, you can get cleaning, customer service, retail or hospitality job easy., No degrees needed, but this type of job will get you about $10-15 per hour. In fact, “according to a national report by the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association:

  • High school graduates earn an average of almost $30,000 per year
  • Bachelor’s graduates earn an average of just over $50,000 a year
  • Individuals with a higher-level degree (master’s, doctorate or professional) average nearly $70,000 per year.

This translates to a significant earnings gap over the course of one’s life.” (Credit: Education Corner) The bottom line is this: college graduates make a significantly higher income than non-graduates.


Earn your educational accreditation

You may already hold a degree from Eastern European University and natural wonder if it is worth it to spend more money to get yet another degree here. Nobody wants to spend four years at school and thousands of dollars of something that may not payback. I get it.

In reality, when an employer chooses between two equal candidates they more likely to choose a candidate with a locally issued diploma versus foreign equivalent.


Expand your professional network

Who you know defines your life. You may not realize it before we immigrate to America or appreciate the depth and breadth of our social and professional networks back home. Once you migrate you lose it all. That is a very tough situation because nice, juicy jobs are found via personal connections, not job boards. It is all about whom you know and who can vouch for you and your value.

The excellent news is while you attend college you will meet dozens or maybe even hundreds of people. Your college peers will become you, college friends, your professors may serve as your first job references and your career advisor may become your free career coach.

Time in college will afford you to quickly rebuild your professional network, get support when you need it and advance your career faster.

Learn new marketable skills

Some of the most desirable by employers’ skills are the following: the ability to work in a team, time management skills, public speaking, networking, technology skills, and many others that you will gain while in college.


In the past 17 years, I earned two college degrees in the U.S.

Yes, college takes time, money and much effort. Additionally, my college experience provided me with opportunities I could never get otherwise.

  • I met new people, the most amazing people, some of the connections landed me my first job
  • I dramatically improved my professional conversational and written English skills
  • I learned new marketable skills like MC Office applications and became an Excel Wizz
  • I was able to land much more rewarding opportunities in terms of the role and compensation
  • Holding a college degree gave me confidence in my day to day interactions and made me believe I could do anything

In the next few posts, we will discuss the typical myths that tend to hold folks back from attending college, the college costs, types of college degrees and many other topics. Stay tuned and subscribe to receive the latest updates!

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