How “Thrive in America” blog can help you?

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You completed your immigration paperwork, secured a visa, and arrived in the United States. From the moment you land in this country, you may experience ups and downs. You may have some exciting days, like receiving your green card and some bad days, like flanking your first job interview.

Immigration can be hard. I feel for you and want to help you to be successful in the U.S., that is the reason I write. This is why I am here.

So how can reading this blog can help you?

Today I want to share Thrive in America blog mission: “ To meet you where they are, share real immigration stories and inspire you to thrive in America.”

Meet you where you are now

You may have lived in America for many years or arrived 18 months ago, like this young lady I recently met at the party in Denver. The blog will meet you exactly where you are. There will be times when you will feel lost, broken, and uncertain. That is entirely normal; remember you are unique, and so as your journey.

The blog will provide great value at every stage, from the time when you consider applying for a U.S. visa, registering on America dating websites, buying your first home, or securing your first real job. We promise to meet you where you are, no judgments.


Share real immigration stories

One of the things I struggled the most with, after moving to America, was feeling that I am alone and somehow odd. My clothes, my language, my way of relating to people gave away that I was not “from here.”

Even today, 17 years later, after a few minutes of chatting with me, folks ask: “Where are you originally from?”. Yes, I appreciate the attention, and yes, it made me feel like I do not belong. I feel… let say, different than others and for a good reason. I am Ukrainian.

The blog will share stories of other immigrants from Eastern Europe. You will learn about great successes and great failures. I will share tips and hacks of what worked for many others.

The stories that will make you laugh and cry and connect to feel that you are, in fact, part of a broader community of millions, no doubt very valuable members of American society – immigrants from Eastern Europe.

Inspire you to thrive

Many times in your immigration journey, you might be unsure about the next steps you need to take, doubt your own ability to do something, and wonder if this I all leading to invadable failure.

The mission of the blog and FB groups is to serve as a safe place to learn more, connect with others, and find your way to thrive in America. I don’t particularly appreciate immigrating for the sake of better living conditions and better income only. Yes, making more money is great, but money does not bring happiness.

What I want to inspire you is to find and unlock your potential, leveraging your natural talents, and leave a measurable mark by your contribution during your lifetime. I want to inspire you to wake up every day with meaning, purpose, driven to your goals, feeling belong, and truly happy to be in America.

So what is next? I will post once a weekly or more, developing one topic, like job interviewing or education at the time. Please subscribe and join us weekly to add comments and share your opinion on the topics.

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