Top 20 Volunteering Web-Sites

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Question: Where do I find volunteer openings?

Answer: The post includes the following topics:

  • Top 20 Volunteering Web-Sites
  • Where to find volunteering in your community
  • Advantages of volunteering for your career
  • How to get started to become a volunteer

Top 20 Volunteering Web-Sites

  1. Volunteer Match: Various opportunities all over America:
  2. United Way: one of the largest national organizations in the U.S.
  3. National and Community Service
  4. Taproot Foundation, Catchfire: Matching skilled volunteers and opportunities:
  5. Idealist: Social entrepreneur opportunities:
  6. National parks volunteering
  7. Habitat for Humanity homelessness and low-income
  8. YMCA children and youth
  9. American Red Cross helping during national disasters
  10. USA: government and public service
  11. government and public service
  12. – serving abroad (education, health, environment and more)
  13. – free training in first aid and emergency skills, supporting local emergency responders and disaster relief efforts.
  14. – offers grants for volunteering (AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and the Social Innovation Fund)
  15. volunteer in American’s public lands, including national parks.
  16. Veterans Affairs (VA) facility in your area.
  17. Federal Election Volunteers: assist election officials in your state.
  18. Natural Resources Conservation: environmental (water conservation, wildlife habitat, etc)
  19. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – Volunteers take part in research, observation and educational roles that benefit science and the planet.
  20. DREAM: Youth Volunteering


Volunteering in Your Community

  • Hospitals
  • Animal rescue shelters
  • Homeless shelters
  • Colleges, schools, and universities
  • Soup kitchens, food banks
  • Non-profit boards and city boards
  • Libraries
  • Art museums
  • Retirement homes
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Community Churches
  • Political Campaigns

Advantages of Volunteering for your career growth:

  • You will improve your English skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking)
  • You will gain sector work experience and learn relevant work skills
  • You will build professional connections and acquire job references
  • You can use volunteering title as a resume plug-in
  • You will become an insider and build a reputation in the organization


How to get started as a Volunteer

  1. Set your career goal:
    • Decide what do you want to accomplish by volunteering
    • Write your goals down.
  2. Determine your availability and service preferences:
    • Decide on availability: # of hours weekly/monthly you will volunteer
    • Decide which cause you want to support
    • Call 211 to learn about local programs and talk to someone about options
  3. Gather Information- do the Research
    • Use Google to find and research non-profits near your home
    • Select top three that connect with your calling
    • Talk to your friends, relatives, ask for an introduction
  4. Start the volunteer application process
    • Go to the non-profit website and apply online
    • Visit a local office and meet Volunteering Coordinator
    • Ask about their application process and requirements


Whether you are making a meal for homeless folks, knitting hats for newborns, or serve in a cancer center, volunteering can boost your employment opportunities dramatically. I would suggest volunteer every single time you are unemployed and unsure of what of doing next or need more information about any new sector, organization or a new occupation.

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