Interview: How to Dress for Success and Get Hired

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She is perfect. She is popular, attractive and she likes you. You connected on the phone last week, and she invited you to meet face to face. You are super excited finally have a real date.

She is your ideal employer and the date being your job interview.

There are indeed many similarities between dating and seeking employment. Finding the right person takes time, so as finding the right job. Just like in personal relationships, the first date or an interview is crucial to advance relationships.

Let`s learn a few simple tips on how to dress for success, impress your employer, and get a job offer. In the post, we will review the Interview Dress Code, Interview Etiquette, and sample Interview outfits.

Interview Dress Code

You want to make a strong first impression on your job interview. Remember, you have 7-10 seconds to make the first impression (Credit: Undercover Recruiter).

Before you answer any questions or even say hello, your posture, confidence level and most importantly, your look gives away powerful clues about who you are and what you are worth.

Of course, what you wear to a job interview depends on factors such as the job, the industry, and the company. Check with the company`s HR representative or your career coach about the appropriate dress code for the industry and the company`s culture.

Your Interview Outfit options:

  • Business Casual. If the workplace tends to promote a casual dress-code, and employees wear jeans and t-shirts to work, some to the interview in business casual: dress slacks, skirt or a dress, open-collared shirt, semi-dress shoes and maybe a blazer.
  • Business Professional. All your clothes should be ironed, tailored to your size, and appropriate to the environment. For both men and women: two-piece professional suit, conservative colors: black, grey, navy, brown. Ladies avoid short shirts, open toe shoes, or short sleeve shirts.
  • Accessories: watch, cell phone cover, portfolio to hold extra copies of resume
    • Men: subtle necktie, polished formal shoes, and matching belt.
    • Women: minimal jewelry, daytime neutral makeup, avoid perfumes and facial jewelry.

Interview Etiquette

Most interviews are a lot more formal than our day-to-day interactions. Knowing the rules will keep you out of trouble on your most important day.

Interview Tips: 

  • Arrive 10 minutes before scheduled interview time, not earlier
  • Leave your phone in a car
  • Toss your Starbucks paper cup and your chewing gum
  • Do bring a professional padfolio only, leave all other personal items in a car
  • Wait to be offered to be seated, or wait until your interviewer sits down
  • Leave on time, don’t stay longer than your scheduled meeting time

Interview Don’ts:

  • Don`t arrive too early or late
  • Don’t chew gum use mints instead
  • Avoid bringing large suitcases or backpacks
  • Avoid bringing any drinks with you in the interview room
  • Don’t place any personal items on interviewer’s table
  • Avoid using any electronic devices to take notes

Sample Interview Outfit under $200 (Amazon)

Women`s Outfit: 

Men`s Outfit: 

Thrift Store Option, under $60

You could save 75% of the cost by simply choosing to buy your outfit in a thrift store pre-owned. The prices I quote below are the current prices at Loveland, Colorado Goodwill Store.

  • Resume Padfolio=$4
  • Pant Suit (may need to purchase blazer and pants separately), $20
  • Shoes, $9; Blouse, $5; Haircut $17 (Cost Cutters)
  • Total = $55



Whether you are going on a date or a job interview, dressing up and using your manners will set you apart. Your Professional Business Attire communicates to the interviewer the following:

  • You are an experienced and mature business professional
  • You are prepared, motivated and excited to work here
  • You are the most qualified candidate for the job

Dress for success to look at the top of your game, gain confidence, rock that interview and get hired.

My Story:

I believe – you are what you wear. Sounds harsh? I don`t think so.
Allow me to share my story about a recent interview that did not go well.

I was considering George- a college student for a marketing internship position at my firm. A week in advance we schedule a face to face interview. On the interview day, 10 minutes before the meeting start time, I receive a text from George, asking if the meeting still on. I confirmed and started worrying.

After sending me seven text messages, George arrives 45 minutes late. When he walked in, I was not impressed. He wore a casual “I just rolled out of bed” outfit: messy hair, worn out stained house pants, large sports sweater, and old sneakers.

George did not get the opportunity, because of the three things: seriously late, communicating via text and not dressed appropriately. His appearance, manners and his tardiness made me feel inferior and disrespected as an employer and as a person. I figured he was not that interested.

Want to get a job? Take time to dress for success.

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Readers Questions:

  • Please share your recent interview experience, did your outfit make a difference?
  • Anything connected with you in the post?
  • Any points you disagree with?



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